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You Can Be The

Regulatory Expert



  • Bring alignment between different departments such as regulatory and marketing.

  • Encourage employee buy-in by explaining the nuances of marketing.

  • Your recording can be used for employee training and onboarding for years to come. Some companies divide the video into smaller subject-specific segments, such as best practices for social media engagement.

  • Guarantee that you will love this training or it’s free.

This Package Includes

  • Customized meeting plan to meet your company’s regulatory needs.
    Company-specific high-risk items such as product reviews, blogs, social media posts, and hashtags.

  • 60-90 minute recorded presentation and town hall with your entire company or select department heads.
    This is interactive to maximize attendee value.

  • Resource list including links to videos and other helpful information.

  • Post-event follow-up regulatory questions (30 minutes).

Sample Agenda

  • High-risk buzzwords and the art of wordsmithing

    • Claims (examples: use discomfort instead of pain)

    • Other words (swap out words such as disease, symptoms, and acute)

  • Product reviews

  • Blogs (best practices for reducing risk)

  • Social media

    • Engagement

    • Pitfalls to avoid such as hashtags

    • Reposting

    • Infographics

    • Clean up old social media posts

  • Science (best practices for reducing risk)

  • Videos

  • Other costly claims such as All Natural and Made in the USA.

  • Influencer dos and don’ts

    • No high-risk claims in posts

    • Proper disclosure

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Sarah Burden, VP Education & Communications, LifeSeasons

Sarah Burden, VP of Education and Communication, LifeSeasons

Having seen Asa’s online presence, I felt sure that our team would receive thorough and expert training. Even coming in with high expectations, I was still amazed by how much we all learned, how engaged everyone was, and how quickly the time flew by as the team had lightbulb after lightbulb go off in their heads! It takes a special skill to connect with a group with such varying levels of understanding from new hires who heard the word DSHEA for the first time today, to industry veterans with 35+ years of supplement experience, and all of the team found value in the workshop today. Highly, highly recommended!

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